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    The Candler County Tax Assessor’s office is responsible for receiving and processing all property tax returns for the citizens of Candler County, Georgia. Taxpayers are required to file at least an initial tax return for taxable property (both real and personal property) owned on January 1 of the tax year. In Candler County, Georgia, the time for filing returns is January 1 through April 1. These returns are filed with the Candler County Tax Assessor’s office and forms are available in that office.

    The tax return is a listing of property owned by the taxpayer and the taxpayer's declaration of the value of the property.Once the initial tax return is filed, the law provides for an automatic renewal of that return each succeeding year at the value finally determined for the preceding year. The taxpayer is required to file a new return only as additional property is acquired, improvements are made to existing property, or other changes occur. 

    A new return, filed during the return period, may also be made by the taxpayer to declare a different value from the existing value where the taxpayer is dissatisfied with the current value placed on the property by the Candler County Board of Tax Assessors. This serves the purpose of establishing the taxpayer's appeal rights if the Board of Tax Assessors change the declared value again. Real property values can change every year with the market whether or not there are additions or deletions to the property. 

    Taxpayers can learn more, estimate their taxes, and download for tax returns, appeals and homestead exemptions at

    To appeal an assessment, download the Appeal of Assessment Form, complete it and submit it to the Candler County Assessor’s office within 45 days of receipt of the assessment notice.

    Candler County Tax Assessor
    Cheyenne Lanier, Chief Appraiser
    25 West Daniel Street, Suite B
    Metter, GA 30439
    Phone: 912-685-6346
    Fax: 912-685-3818


    Office Hours: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday