• About the Sheriff’s Office

    In Georgia, the Sheriff is the highest-ranking law enforcement official in the county. The office of the Sheriff in Georgia is considered to be both a constitutional and county office. The office of the sheriff is bound by law to fulfill specific duties held in the state constitution and the laws of Georgia.

  • Responsibilities of the Sheriff

    As a Law Enforcement Officer

    The Candler County Sheriff has the responsibility of protecting life and property and preserving the public peace. This includes all law enforcement functions associated with those endeavors. The Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer in Candler County, Georgia. The Sheriff and deputies exercise the same duties, powers and arrest authority with the municipalities of Metter and Pulaski, Georgia that they exercise in the unincorporated areas of Candler County.

    As an Officer of the Court

    In addition to providing physical security in the courtrooms and building, the Sheriff must serve as bailiff to the Candler County Superior Court, or designate deputies to serve in that capacity. Bailiff duties include escorting juries to the courtroom, and if requested to do so, to their meals and hotel rooms. Bailiffs otherwise attend to the needs of the jury, and guard them against outside influences.

    The Sheriff is charged with serving all court summonses, including subpoenas and civil process papers. In addition, the Sheriff must execute all court-ordered levies on property to satisfy judgments- in court actions.

    The Sheriff is also responsible for the transportation of mentally ill residents of his county to mental health emergency facilities.

    For all of the duties and responsibilities of the Sheriff designated by Georgia law, access the Code of Georgia here.

    Candler County Sheriff’s Office
    1015 E. Hiawatha Street, Metter, GA 30439
    EMERGENCY: Dial 911
    Sheriff’s Office: 912-685-2568
    Candler County Detention Center: 912-685-2291

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