Magistrate Court

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  • About Magistrate Court

    All Magistrate Court business is now handled at the Courthouse.

    Please go to the Courthouse NOT the Board of Commissioners Office. 

    Magistrate Court's jurisdiction encompasses civil claims of $15,000 or less, county ordinance violations, applications for and issuance of arrest and search warrants, preliminary hearings, dispossessory writs, and distress warrants. No jury trials are held in this court. Appeals from decisions in landlord, tenant and civil cases are made to the Superior and State courts.


    To file a claim in the Magistrate Court of Candler County, download the Statement of Claim form and submit it to the Candler County Clerk of the Court’s office with the filing fee.

    Statement of Claim form instructions

    Magistrate Court of Candler County
    Chief Magistrate, Gabe Cliett
    Magistrate Court is managed by the Candler County Clerk of Courts, Jenny Grimes
    35 SW Broad Street, Metter, GA 30439
    912 -685-5257